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I recently discovered a small bug related to the surface shader in Unity. You can see the rendering artifact shown below.

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the rendering artifact

Sometimes people often attribute similar rendering artifacts to using HDR with bloom effect, but in fact, the surface shader is wrong, at least as discussed in this article.

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the bloom issue

So I write this article to record the process of debugging this issue. At the same time, this article will also introduce how to use Xcode tools to debug the shader code to find existing rendering bugs.

The Debugging process

If you want to investigate rendering issues on iOS, just build and run your project from Xcode, then click the camera button on Xcode’s debugging toolbar to enable the Metal Frame Debugger. …

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We’ve released the first update of Kiwi Bird Can Fly! Rise Up.

- A leaderboard has been added. You can compare with your friends to see who is the better protector of this kiwi bird!

- You can collect kiwi fruits in the game, and kiwi fruits can be used to unlock new lovely balloons!

- More kiwi elements have been added to the UI, come and see!

Check it out. Have fun.

Kiwi Can Fly! Rise Up. Kia ora, my wife, and I have released our game on Google Play.

It’s a challenging and interesting game!

Kiwi is not only a fruit but also a bird unique to New Zealand. …

This is a demo scene rendered by hdrp.

The VR part is Windows MR + OpenVR + Steam VR SDK

The PC I used in this demo video:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7–7700 CPU 3.60GHz

RAM:16.0 GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

Supported Platforms and Devices

PC with DX11:

  • Oculus Rift
  • OpenVR
  • Windows Mixed Reality


  • PSVR

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Using #Azure, #Unity, and #Intel RealSense Camera to pixelate the character, and use voice to control background videos in live streaming. Check it out!

The background videos are shown in this video:


Unity Japan Office:


Have fun!

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Henshin, from Jiadong Chen to Unity Chan! 3D Avatar Creation using Unity and Intel RealSense Camera!

An interesting “weekend project” developed during the weekend of the week of October 12. Using Unity 2019.4 and Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D435, I implemented the function of “henshin Unity Chan” in the real world.

Unity-chan (ユニティちゃん Yuniti-chan), real name Kohaku Ōtori (大鳥こはく Ōtori Kohaku), is a Vocaloid from Unity Technologies of Japan. She is the representative of Vocaloid for Unity, an integration of Vocaloid and the gaming engine Unity. Check It Out!

#unity #Intel #Henshin #bodytracking

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“Now is the time for unity” BY ANTÓNIO GUTERRES

Why Detect Viral Pneumonia, Bacterial Pneumonia With AI?

The world has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Medical staff around the world have shown bravery and resilience in the fight against COVID-19, and some even sacrificed their lives while performing their duties. As an ordinary person, as a programmer, I also want to help. Therefore, using AI to try to help diagnose lung diseases, such as viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, is an idea that I am interested in trying.

I am an advocate of Azure and Unity, so my first thought was to use Azure and Unity to implement an image classifier that can be used for lung chest radiographs. In addition to the game industry, Unity can also play a role in other industries, so I think it is a very interesting idea to combine Azure and Unity to create some features that help people. …

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Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

In recent years, AR technology has developed rapidly. Following the release of the amazing ARKit 3 last year, this year Apple released ARKit 4 on WWDC 2020. And Unity also has expanded its AR Foundation to add these new features from ARKit 3.5 and ARKit 4 quickly. With the development of AR technology, more and more developers use Unity’s AR Foundation to develop AR applications running on different platforms.

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AR Foundation In Unity

However, as a developer using Unity’s AR Foundation, there are some mistakes that may make you feel bad when developing an AR app. …

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Photo by rawpixel from Burst

As a programmer who likes GitHub very much, I found these 4 tips in my daily use that can improve my efficiency when using GitHub. This post introduces and demonstrates these 4 tips, I hope they can also help you use GitHub more efficiently.

Tip #1 Search Files In The Repo Quickly And Easily With File Finder

GitHub provides hosting for software development and version control using Git, there are thousands of repositories, projects, and files. Therefore, how to efficiently search for files on GitHub is very important. The first tip is using the shortcut provided by GitHub in a repository to search a file in this repository.

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As you can see above, in the runtime repo page and press t on your keyboard then GitHub will activate the file finder. Then you just need to enter the target file name, for example, the ServiceProvider.cs file and the file finder will display the file you want. …

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In the previous post, we created an Azure functions app using .Net Core 3.1 with VS Code and published our app to Azure cloud by so-called right-click publishing. To be honest, although right-click publishing is a good way to quickly build prototypes, it is not suitable for real-world development, especially when there are multiple developers in a team. Therefore, an automated process is very important, because it provides us with a reliable, repeatable, and faster process of building artifacts.

This post details the process of using Azure DevOps to implement the CI/CD pipeline for our Azure Functions app project created in the previous post, the issues encountered in the process (of course they are solved 😃), and how to add the build/deployment status badges to our GitHub repo. …

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I really like Microsoft’s strategy in recent years, it makes development easier by using VS Code, .Net Core, and Azure cloud. This post details the process of developing an Azure function and SQL Database app using .net core with VS Code on a Mac laptop and deploying it to the Azure cloud.

At the end of this post, you can find the repo link of the sample project.

The Extensions for VS Code

The first thing we should do is to set up our development environment, that is, the VS code. …


Jiadong Chen

Microsoft @MVPAward In Developer TechnologiesㅣPreviously @Unity3d ㅣOpinions = my own

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